Order Management & Processing made easy...

The good food industry is getting more competitive... To survive, you need to keep ahead of the
competition and offer customers something different. That something needs to not only be of
significant benefit to your customers, but also of benefit to you...

If you are looking for the edge, try Supplier v3. 'Supplier' is one of a range of food industry solutions
to lets you concentrate on your business - not your computer systems and brings benefits to
you and your customers.

Supplier is a complete system that does everything that you need to run a successful catering supply business,
whether you are in Produce, Meat, Fish, Bakery or any other area selling to catering outlets.

Primarily it simplifies Orders, Invoicing and query areas, leaving you to concentrate on running your business and
getting better and more profitable customers.

Then it puts all the financial information into a standard accounts package, such as Sage, Pegasus Opera
or Quickbooks.

As a web based system, its is always available... wherever you are. Giving you the tools to compete with other
companies, not just on quality by in all areas of your business.

Supplier v3 also gives you more reasons to talk to your customers, with its built in Remote Ordering solution.

Tell your customers you can give them more than just high quality products and efficient services, now you can provide
them with benefits such as:

>    Being more environmentally friendly with online invoicing.
>    Ensuring all invoices are correct by signing off deliveries with a Goods In handheld.
>    Reducing product substitution.
>    Controlling the products their chef's and outlets can order.
>    Reducing administration costs by exporting invoices directly into their accounts package

and then tell them they can also benefit from:

>    Easy Online Ordering
>    Improved recipe cost management with live pricing.
    >    Managing their own standing orders.
    >    Copying previous orders.
    >    Building reusable lists.

    As this is a built in solution, there is no additional work on your behalf and with these benefits, you should be
    retaining more customers and have new customers knocking down your door!...

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